Buckwheat-Flax Seed Pancakes

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Buckwheat-Flax Seed Pancakes

These are yummy gluten free, grain free pancakes. There is a little bit of buckwheat in them, but buckwheat is actually considered a ‘seed’, so it is not a grain. It is also low carb/low glycemic and absolutely delicious!

½ cup pure buckwheat flour (not buckwheat mix)
2/3 cup ground flax seeds
3-4 eggs
pinch of nutmeg
tsp of cinnamon
1 tsp of backing powder
pinch of sea salt
tsp vanilla

Mix ingredients with fork until mixed. Mixture should be the texture of thick pudding, depending on how thick you like your pancakes. Add a little bit of water if too thick or extra flax if too thin. Melt a small amount of butter in pan, pour in batter, brown and flip. Serve with grass fed butter and a small amount of maple syrup and fresh berries. Enjoy!

About Catherine Ebeling: I am Catherine (Cat) Ebeling. I am an RN with a Masters of Science in Nursing and Public Health. I have been studying diet, fitness and health for the past 30+ years–in addition to my clinical nursing experience, which includes anti-aging, preventative, regenerative medicine and bioidentical hormone therapy. I have had a life-long fascination with diet, fitness and nutrition, and have learned how to biohack my genetic capacity. I realized that we, as humans, have the ultimate power over our bodies and our health. Wanting to learn even more about human biology, nutrition, health and disease, I went back to school to study for a BSN in nursing. I just recently completed my MSN (at age 60). I’ve written six books on diet and health that have sold thousands–and even hundreds of thousands of copies all over the world through “The Nutrition Watchdog” publishing. I am an expert on diet and health and want to share that knowledge with you. I can be reached at caebeling@gmail.com or 314-369-6400 or on FB Instant Messenger.


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