Level 1 Membership

Level 1 membership has been created to help you optimize your health, hormones and longevity, by taking the guesswork out of your diet and nutrition. You will receive meal plans and recipes, along with a specific nutritional supplement protocols, based on your needs–and access to physician-grade, top quality supplements at 25% off!

[ihc-purchase-link id=4]Level 1 Monthly Subscription Plan: $12.99[/ihc-purchase-link]

Level 2 Premium Membership

Level 2 membership is a customized diet and nutrition plan that addresses your health and nutrition needs. We start with a one-hour consultation. From there, you receive a health plan-of-action, along with meal plans, recipes, and specific nutritional protocols (at 25% off) to optimize your physical and mental health. Plus 2 more follow-up coaching sessions to keep you on track! This is a 3 month plan.


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